Suicidal Angels

Suicidal Angels As you run through the shadows, glancing repeatedly over your shoulder as your rapid, anxious breathing seizes in your chest, a wrenching feeling like you're about to expel your lungs. You don't notice the cobwebs running like silk across the cave entrance and you run straight into them, pulling them from the cave mouth, causing them to snap around your body with the strength of steel cables.

You're mine now.

19, female, writer, fangirl. I won't offer you much more than a glance at my psychotic tendencies. Come, partake in an adventure with me. May we return, not with our minds intact, but our souls and bodies.

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i’ve had this idea in my head for a while of sherlock being a really sloppy sleeper, like all his limbs sprawled and covers tangled in his legs with his shirt risen up and his hand jammed behind one pillow as he drools on it and john would just look at him like ‘this is the man i’ve chosen to love’

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In The Sign of Three, Sherlock superimposed John’s face over that of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

This drawing is a depiction of the ideal proportions of man as based on the aesthetic canon of the architect Vitruvius.

"Vitruvius believed that an architect should focus on three central themes when preparing a design for a building: firmitas (strength), utilitas (functionality), and venustas (beauty).

But the theory of venustas (or beauty) is a very complicated one.

Vitruvius thought that a timeless notion of beauty could be learnt from the ‘truth of nature’; that nature’s designs were based on universal laws of proportion and symmetry.

He believed that the body’s proportions could be used as a model of natural proportional perfection.

He wrote of the way ancient scholars examined many examples of ‘well-shaped men’ and discovered that these bodies shared certain proportions. He showed that the ‘ideal’ human body fitted precisely into both a circle and a square, and he thus illustrated the link that he believed existed between perfect geometric forms and the perfect body.

In this way, the body was seen as a living rulebook, containing the fixed and faultless laws set down by nature.”


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Benedict Cumberbatch posing for the crowd before they had to turn off all cameras. (x)

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When Hologram Benedict photobombs the Real Benedict

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"You shall call me Sir or Lord Cumberbatch of London”

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